The magic of a violin enwraps the National Theater

Kristin Lee ConcertHoy by Carmen Heredia de Guerrero


The symphonic season 2015 has marked its imprint. It will always be remembered for the fact that for the first time, two of its concerts have been directed by female conductors; Zenaida Romeu, and in this fourth concert by Sarah Ioannides.


The symphonic poem “Finlandia” by Danish composer Jean Sibelius made a splendid opening for this musical night. The spirit of nationalism, a beloved homeland, oppressed so often, is a cause and an inspiration to Sibelius.


With a large orchestral load the patriotic theme develops. The “Andante sostenuto” is a beautiful evocation of the Finnish landscape. Contrasting, the “Allegro moderato” presents the trumpets and horns in a fanfare, followed by a beautiful melody, which becomes a vibrant, patriotic, pride of an entire people anthem, the end is an apotheosis. With this beautiful, lovely and unnerving symphonic poem, conductor Sarah Ioannides presented her credentials to the Dominican public, receiving a satisfying answer from the orchestra.




What else!


Applause for female conductors!!


The audience stands and rewards this special night with prolonged applause and we join them. Again we congratulate the maestro José Antonio Molina, head of the National Symphony, for the opportunity he provides in this season to appraise and enjoy efficient symphony leading women who definitely open up new paths.


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