Review: Tacoma Symphony luxuriates in Rialto sound, romantic program

Muzzolini 10The News Tribune by Rosemary Ponnekanti


“Debussy, Alvars and Beethoven played with warmth and emotion”


And then came Beethoven’s Symphony no. 6, the “Pastorale”…..From the opening strings to the oboe solo and solid, driving bass in the first movement, through the nostalgic waltz and lyrical cello solo of the second (unusually strong), to the furious storm of the fourth and the triumphant melody of the final movement, the orchestra played well, responding to Ioannides’ attention to dynamic detail. Ioannides combines thoughtful musical logic (the slow-downs before new ideas, the emphasis on passed-on motifs) with passion, encouraging both emotion and courage from her musicians.


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