A day in the constant life of Sarah Ioannides

daylife_ioannides_A1_leadTacoma News Tribune by Rosemary Ponnekanti


Anyone who thinks they have a busy life should follow Sarah Ioannides around for a day.


The Tacoma Symphony’s music director is in town this month to finish up her second season with the orchestra, conducting the season finale concert Saturday in the Pantages and a children’s concert.


But there’s much more to being a professional conductor than just waving the baton on a Saturday night. Shuffling her family among three cities, juggling multiple orchestras and somehow fitting in the odd cup of tea, Ioannides has the organizational powers of a general, and driving ambition and musical talent.


The News Tribune followed the 44-year-old British conductor around Tacoma earlier this week, and discovered that being Sarah Ioannides is a very complicated thing…


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