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The complete performance of O'Boyle's Portraits of Immortal Love
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"Gender Gap on the Podium" on Seattle TV

Classical music radition seems to hold that the conductor--the commanding, authoritative figure out front--is almost always male. The Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, in appointing conductor Sarah Ioannides, is one of very few professional orchestras in North America to have a female music director. When orchestra musicians are almost 50% female, there is only one female music director among america's top 25 orchestras, and only 13% in the next 80. Though Tacoma may be at the vanguard and the situation is changing, the tempo of change is very slow.
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Ioannides debuts with

Program: Andrea Tarrodi Zephyros, Mozart Violin Concerto &
Beethoven Symphony No. 7

First season with the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra completed
with Entire Classics Series sold out!
Sarah and the Tacoma Symphony are excited about the conclusion of their first season together and launching into vision planning for 2025. Executive Director Andy Buelow: "It's as if we are watching the orchestra transform into one single instrument, in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The resulting atmosphere in the concert hall is electric. The result is what I call the "Birdman" effect: everyone leaves the concert hall with their feet off the ground." 
 Commited to Music Education...

Dedicated to the further the talents of young musicians, Ioannides continues to work with training orchestras, most recently at the University of Puget Sound and upcoming with the Yale Philharmonia. “The Tacoma area is fortunate to have such a fine institution as Puget Sound, with students and faculty who hold to a very high level of quality and excellence.The program we selected (Bernstein, Peck & Shostakovich) is one that I would choose for a professional orchestra-one that will showcase the students’ talents, as well as present a few exciting challenges along the way-and be thrilling for the audience, too!”

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"Fashion Statements"
Sarah Ioannides featured in the League of American Orchestra's Symphony Magazine

For Sarah Ioannides, music director of the Spartanburg Philharmonic in South Carolina and the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra in Washington, practical considerations come first. “I am a busy person. I am a mother of three children, and I have two orchestras. I have limited time to shop, to decide what to wear, to get my clothes pressed, picked up from venue to venue.

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New Videos on Sarah Ioannides YouTube
Full length performance of Sean O'Boyle's Portraits of Immortal Love with the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra and Dame Evelyn Glennie
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Upcoming Highlights
Spartanburg Philharmonic 
Pops at the Park,
Memorial Day

Spartanburg Philharmonic 
Andreas Boyde, Piano

Tacoma Symphony Orchestra 
Andreas Boyde, Piano 


Caroline Goulding, Violin 

Yale Philharmonia
All Sibelius Program

Spartanburg Philharmonic
Kristin Lee, Violin

Tacoma Symphony Orchestra
Caroline Goulding, Violin
Parent Map Interview- Someone You Should Know: Sarah Ioannides
“Being exposed to music and especially to live music and performance is a whole other world that can be so enriching and that can show [kids] the greater world out there. Set aside some time and resources and savings for that. We are such a world obsessed by things, but I think what we do is more important than what we’ve got.”
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Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra is awarded $20K from the National Endowment of the Arts for Outreach Program for percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie!
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Photo by Geurin Photography
Newly appointed Music Director of the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra and formerly the El Paso Symphony, Sarah Ioannides is gaining recognition as one of the most engaging and respected conductors of her generation.

Described by the New York Times as a conductor with “unquestionable strength and authority” and recently as a "conductor with magic” Ioannides has led orchestras extensively including the Toledo Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic, Louisville Orchestra, Buffalo Philharmonic, Tulsa Symphony, New West Symphony, Chattanooga Symphony, Chautauqua Symphony,and the North Carolina Symphony. Internationally she has conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra Nationale de Lyon, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Flemish Radio Orchestra, National Symphony of Colombia, Daejeon Philharmonic, Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Wuttenbergisches Kammerorchester, Cyprus State Orchestra, Municipal Orchestra of Caracas and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra. 

Celebrating her 10th Anniversary Season as Music Director of the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Ioannides’ tenure is characterized by bringing excellence, innovation, collaboration and diversity, affirming the orchestra as one of the most vibrant performing ensembles in its region. "The orchestra and its Music Director, Sarah Ioannides, offered compelling proof of the value and importance of an orchestra.”  Spartanburg Herald Journal