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Gluzman conquers Glazunov; Symphony Tacoma works Dvoràk

PugetSoundTacoma News Tribune by Rosemary Ponnekanti


Virtuosity and familiarity made a winning combination in the Pantages Theater Saturday night, as Symphony Tacoma opened the new season with its first concert under a new name.


The concert’s anchor, however, was the “New World” symphony — a warhorse, but Ioannides’ first rendition with Symphony Tacoma and fitting the Eastern European program like a cloak. Conducting entirely from memory, Ioannides gave great attention to detail (ends of phrases, brass nuance) and brought some new sounds to this so-familiar work (a slight pause, an acceleration) that made sense of the theme transitions. Yet, she was kind, constantly encouraging the horns and letting the woodwind choruses handle their own cathedral-like passages.



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