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Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra music director competition heats up

Movers and MakersMovers & Makers by Thom Mariner


The Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra is auditioning candidates for the position of music director during its second annual Summermusik. Four conductors will lead the CCO and curate a chamber music program during the festival, Aug. 13-Sept. 1. 


Movers & Makers presented a series of questions to learn about each candidate and how they plan to approach this new position, if selected. These are not part of the formal audition process, but are intended to give candidates a chance to share their perspective on this opportunity with the public.


What is your overall programming philosophy?


Ioannides) My goal is to create a platform from which the listener can gain maximum satisfaction, understanding and appreciation of the music. I look to make multiple connections to a concept or theme to increase their receptivity and for elements to produce the greatest artistic vibrancy. Diversity, variety of color and styles help pair the choices for the most appealing and interesting menu that satisfy as many different tastes as possible. I consider the different audiences, their responses, the set-up, positioning of the works, extra-musical possibilities, and all that is important to the best possible effect on the audience.


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