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A Recipe for a fascinating concert

The show will start with the fast and furiously gleeful runs of Glinka’s “Ruslan and Ludmilla” overture, everyone’s favorite Cossack dance. After that … a concerto for double bass – the orchestra’s lowest-sounding instrument – by the man who wrote the scores for some of cinema’s darkest moments, and a symphony written in angry defiance of a terrifying regime. Add to that a conductor auditioning for the symphony’s artistic director post and you have a recipe for a fascinating concert. – Tacoma News Tribune

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Q & A with the News Tribune of Tacoma by Rosemary Ponnekanti

Q: What do you bring to the Tacoma Symphony? 

A: Well, I’m a unique personality. As a musician, I have a wide range of musical tastes: vocal, operatic, new works, multimedia, though I was born and bred in the standard classical repertoire. I have a great interest in the education and future of classical music, in presenting it in different formats in a community. I try to stay close to the composer’s intent but touch as many people as possible in the performance. I’m always looking at how to interact, how to bring people in, to reach out. – News Tribune of Tacoma

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“Concert Unites Jazz Hearts for Valentine’s Day”

Lindemann, who has played every major concert venue in the world and was once named International Brass Personality of the Year by Brass Herald, will be the guest soloist for a special Valentine’s Day POPS concert Thursday by the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra at Converse College’s Twichell Auditorium.

Lindemann said he and Spartanburg Philharmonic music director/conductor Sarah Ioannides previously worked together on the piece during a performance in Michigan with the world-renowned Brass Band of Battle Creek.

Ioannides “is a fantastic conductor — very personable both with the musicians and the audience,” said Lindemann, who was classically trained at The Juilliard School in New York. “What I like about working with her is that she’s what we would call a ‘musician’s conductor,’ meaning that she has true empathy for the people who are standing on stage making music that she’s trying to create.

In addition to featuring Lindemann, Thursday’s POPS concert will include the first-ever collaboration between the Spartanburg Philharmonic and the Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble. – By Dan Armonaitis, Spartanburg Herald Journal

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