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Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert engaging, innovative

The Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s Saturday evening concert serves as an example of the organization’s success in the realms of newness and experimentation. Musical Director Sarah Ioannides — a champion of both contemporary composition and women in music — programmed the U.S. premiere of Andrea Tarrodi’s Lucioles (Fireflies), introduced by the composer via a projected video….The video was made at Ioannides’s behest, and accomplished a great deal.

Lucioles shimmered and fluttered, creating a glowing soundscape that was at once serene and lively. Through much of the piece, the strings played a variety of quick rhythmic figures, but the layered parts maintained a buoyant airiness.


(Brahms Violin Concerto) The orchestra accompanied (Michael) Ludwig graciously, filling the diverse corners of placidity and brashness as called for. Ioannides’s weighted timing in the third movement was especially elegant.


(Brahms’ Second Symphony)..the Philharmonic performed the symphony majestically, opening tenderly and stating the first theme with great warmth and presence, as though it had occurred to them just then. The musicians offered superb solos, and in the final movement, a thrilling recapitulation concluding with brilliant trumpet calls.
– Spartanburg Herald Journal

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