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EPSO Takes Thrilling Trip to “The Planets”

Drawing on NASA live-action footage, computer-generated animation and still photos taken mostly by the Hubble Space Telescope, Gutierrez fashioned together a 52.5-minute video (using a performance conducted by Andre Previn as his guide) of this fascinating imagery…was a mesmerizing complement to Holst’s music, the bedrock of modern musical interpretations of the frontier we’ve barely scratched; music, by the way, that was played with great passion and energy by the orchestra…It was a performance and presentation that dripped with the sense of awe and wonder that space, the final frontier, tends to evoke in us all.” — El Paso Times

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A Tremendous Performance

That Ioannides and the WKO understand each other excellently is apparent. The native Australian, who will give birth to twins in the next weeks, left nothing to chance with her precise conducting technique and gave an tremendous performance.  As a violinist, she transfers her fine musical sense to the orchestra producing breathtaking moments. —Heilbronn Stimme

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