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Fire and Water at the symphony

“I hadn’t been to the Plaza Theater yet, and what better way to get initiated then hearing Sarah Ioannides conduct the orchestra? […] The Tan Dun piece was mesmerizing. It started Blue Man Group-style with two percussionists playing as they walked down either aisle from the back of the hall to the stage. Soloist David Cossin coaxed an ocean full of sounds from the interaction of water and instruments. Rhythmic splashes, ringing half-submerged cymbals, watery cascades, a hollow tube played percussively with one end in the water sounding like a tuned drum, beats tapped out on floating bowls all mic’d up and floating over the theater sound system accompanied by the orchestra. Mike Newman’s production had video of both Ioannides and Cossin displayed on large screens so you could follow every nuance.” – What’s Up El Paso? By Dan Lambert

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