In a world of instant gratification and multimedia, the performing arts become even more valuable and relevant as vehicles of expression for the present day. The human psyche has essentially not changed, only context, and so music from the last several hundred years communicates as much as music written today. With or without technology, artistic expression is a basic necessity. All options are valid and the more roads you explore, the more you know of the world and it knows of you.
– Sarah Ioannides

Championing New Works

Sarah Ioannides, Dario Marianelli & President of the Spartanburg Philharmonic, Beau Shuler following the world premier of the Marianelli Pride and Prejudice Suite.

Dedicated to supporting living composers, Ioannides has conducted and commissioned numerous world, U.S. and European premieres.

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Ioannides’ programs include a broad spectrum of orchestral, concerto and operatic repertoire of music from the last 400 years. To request complete repertoire list please visit the contact page.






Composers that Sarah has collaborated with include:

David Amram Louis Andriessen Sara Carvalho
Jacques Cohen John Corigliano Richard Danielpour
Tan Dun Kenneth Fuchs Stuart Goodyear
Daniel Hewson Matthew Hindson Jonathon Holland
Ayis Ioannides Dobrinka Tabakova Mauricio Kagel
Laura Karpman Tania Leon Dario Marianelli
Beata Moon Rebecca Oswold Stephen Paulus
Kan Sawada Alissandro Timossi Louis Tinoco
Thomas Whitman Kim Scharnberg Sean O’Boyle


Sarah Ioannides is also committed to exploring, supporting and performing music of female composers. Recent performances include:

Kati Agocs By the Streams of Babylon
Victoria Borisova-Ollas Open Ground (US Premier)
Louise Ferrenc Symphony No. 3
Jennifer Higdon Oboe Concerto (European Premier)
Venla Hinnemo reactions of the Mind (World Premier)
Elena Kats-Chernin Concertino (US Premier)
Fanny Mendelssohn Overture in C
Beata Moon Fission (World Premier)
Karen Tanaka Frozen Horizon
Andrea Tarrodi Lucioles (US Premier in 2012)
Andrea Tarrodi Zephyros (US Premier)
Judith Weir Musicians Wrestle Everywhere

Multimedia Creations

Sarah Ioannides began her work in multimedia performances in 2000 when she was invited by Tan Dun to prepare his four multimedia “Orchestral Theatres” with the Gothenburg Symphony. She later served as the production coordinator at the Barbican Center’s Fire Crossing Water Festival for Tan Dun, in addition to  numerous multimedia performances worldwide. Inspired by the extensive multimedia experiences, Sarah has since led several multimedia projects for orchestra and film including:

The Desert Music Film, Music by Steve Reich, Film Director: Zachary Passero, Commissioned by El Paso Symphony with Artistic Direction by Sarah Ioannides

The Planets, Music by Gustav Holst, Film Director: Bobby Gutierrez, Commissioned by El Paso Symphony with Artistic Direction by Sarah Ioannides

A mesmerizing complement to Holst’s music… played with great passion and energy by the orchestra… It was a performance and presentation that dripped with the sense of awe and wonder that space, the final frontier, tends to evoke in us all.  — El Paso Times


Community Engagement

Ioannides believes in the value of collaborating with other arts organizations. Many of her performances have reached out and incorporated people from within the community, presenting:

Filmmakers, Choirs: including merging of churches/community choirs/first responders choirs/African American & children’s chorus’, Arts Museums, Modern Dance, Tap & Ballet, Opera/Theatre groups/University & Colleges & Schools/Radio Presenters & City Mayors & individuals of special artistic talent.

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Educational Programs

Sarah Ioannides leads numerous multifaceted educational events annually bringing classical music to children, students and the underprivileged through family programs, youth concerts, school engagements and speaking events.

Every musical experience can touch a heart, mind or soul of any age. It is my goal that each interaction makes a difference, particularly during a child’s formative years and even more for teenagers in crisis. —Sarah Ioannides

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Ioannides has partnered with the Carnegie Hall Link Up program in the school communities of both El Paso and Spartanburg.